The propylene glycol & vegetable glycerine have the property of generating steam. The flavourings, bring all the flavors taste. The nicotine is in the form of liquid nicotine, it serves to promote the hit (sensation of contraction of the throat during the passage of the steam).

What nicotine levels to choose ?

The amount of nicotine is dependent on your nicotine addiction. To make the point on your nicotine addiction, there are several screening tests used by the tabacologues. Find these tests to this page :

Tips :

For an optimal conservation of the flavors, keep your e-liquid away from light, in a dry place at a room temperature of about 20°C.

Shake well before use and do not hesitate to ventilate (open cap) your e-liquid a few days before consuming for best results.


All our bottles have stoppers child safety ( ISO 8317 ), a ring of inviolability for the safety of the user and a pipette for a better comfort padding and a triangle to the touch.

Product is prohibited to minors, not recommended for pregnant women and people with hypertension or cardio-vascular diseases.