The bottles eliquide must not exceed 10ml. To continue to manufacture its DIY, it is now necessary to use the booster nicotine. And do the calculation...

The vape is great. From the perspective of the transposition of the TPD, the idea of the booster nicotine to continue to do the DIY already spread between the manufacturers and the vapor. Since the first of January, more choice, he must stick to it. Personally, although "mathematicians" I'm a little pulled hair to make the calculations, but in the end, there is a simple method with little computational...

To make a liter of base at 6mg/ml with booster nicotine

I take a practical example, but it just has to replace the quantities and rates using the same method of calculation. I use the base to 0 mg of course and the booster nicotine to 20mg/ml.

On this example, I wish to make a litre of base eliquide with a rate of 6 :

  • This means that I need to get 6 mg of nicotine per milliliter.
  • 1 litre is 1000 ml, so we need 1000 X 6 mg nicotine = 6000 mg.
  • In a bottle of booster, 10 ml, dosed at 20 mg/ml of nicotine, we have 10 X 20 = 200 mg of nicotine.
  • To get to 6 000 mg of nicotine, it is necessary to calculate 6000 / 200 = 30.
  • So with 30 booster nicotine, we had our 6 000 mg of nicotine.

Then, just take an empty bottle of 1 liter to prepare the mixture :

  • Pour the contents of the 30 booster nicotine in the bottle.
  • Then add your base neutral.
  • And lo and behold, there has to touiller / shake...
  • Personally, I don't really know if this is necessary, but to ensure the homogeneity of the mixture, I let it rest for a fortnight, shaking it once or twice a day.

No need to do the calculation, but for info, you have used 300 ml of booster to 20 mg/ml + 700 ml of 0-based.

Less convenient, more expensive and more polluting

A thousand kudos to the legislator for this transposition of the TPD and this measure in particular, which is limited to a 10-ml capacity bottles eliquide which contain nicotine.

  • The market is being put in place, but after my first observations, the price of DIY has increased by at least 60 and up to 150%.
  • With the example above, we are left, therefore, to throw it in the trash 30 vials + stoppers boost nicotine.
  • And instead of a simple base + aroma, it adds a step to do away of children...

We will see over the next few months what happens on the market. If the DIY is going to abort or not. It's still more interesting. Is that a black market will develop for the nicotine ultra-concentrated ? Is it that shops will lose their customers to other products because of it ? Is that the price of eliquide all ready going to go down to try to be closer to the price of the DIY ?

If it had not been for this regulation totally idiotic bottles of e-liquid 10 ml, I am convinced that the price of eliquides would eventually lower through competition and conditioning a lot more large, the solution to the manufacturers for lowering the manufacturing costs while preserving their margins on their products.

The drop in price, permission of the advertising and promotion of the vape with smokers would also be allowed to increase the volumes and therefore the business of manufacturers and traders. This is what we call a virtuous circle.

For the economy + public health + the environment.

In short. The vapo-skeptics are really strawberry, no logic, no depth-of-view, it's hopeless...