The terms essential to begin the electronic cigarette

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It is best to start with the most obvious ! An electronic cigarette is a tool that allows the evaporation of a liquid, which may or may not contain nicotine. This steam, which is not water vapor, contrary to some of the nonsense that we can read sometimes, and this is then inhaled, similar to the traditional cigarette.

The electronic cigarette is generally composed of three parts :

  • a battery ;
  • a tank ;
  • an electrical resistance heating element which dissipates the liquid.


It is the main consumable of electronic cigarettes. It is a liquid usually made up of :

The dosages of each ingredient may differ and influence the outcome.

A liquid heavily dosed in PG will be fluid, will produce a vapor moderately dense and will have a more sec.

A liquid heavily dosed in VG is more syrupy, and will produce very thick vapor and have a more round and sweet.

The fluidity of the liquids has a significant impact with some consumables. In general, the PG is easier to use because of its fluidity.


A liquid said to be "All-day" is the liquid that suits you the most, and that you vapoterez priority. Your e-liquid, reference, amount. When one starts to vape, it will usually be based around flavours of type of tobacco, and may change over time.


During the process of inalation, the airflow will route the external air up to the resistance. The resistance will be so cooled, to avoid excessive overheating of the atomizer. The more the airflow will be, the greater the volume of steam will result. It is generally in a shape of a hole, more or less wide. The followers of the Cloud Chasing favour of the airflows are very large, which will generally be in the form of a slot.


It is the element that contains the heating element which vaporizes the liquid. The atomizer is usually made of a braid of fiber of silica, on which is wound wire resistive only.

It can be replaceable, which is the case for kits that are simple, or "rebuildable" for the do-it-yourselfers.


The battery stores the energy necessary for the proper functioning of your electronic cigarette. The tension released, when actuated, provide current in the resistive wire present in the atomizer (cartomizer, head replacement for clearomizer or atomizer rebuildable). Generally speaking, the longer a battery will be imposing, the more it will have autonomy. This autonomy is expressed in mAh (milliampere-hour).


A cartomizer is a set "atomizer + tank". The tank is in the form of a cotton fiber, sometimes called "wadding" that holds the liquid.

The main advantage of a cartomizer is that by definition, it can't flee.

Its main drawback is that you cannot see the fluid level.


A clearomizer is a set "atomizer + tank". The reservoir is generally transparent, and the e-liquid is retained in a watertight compartment.

In contrast to the cartomizer, the main advantage of clearomiseurs is to see the level of the liquid. Their main flaw is to have sometimes, depending on the model of leaks or problems with the supply of liquid to the atomizer.

Drip tip

The drip tip is the mouthpiece that you just clip in or screw on your atomizer, clearomizer or cartomizer.


The Hit is the sensation of contraction of the trachea, similar to the traditional cigarette, that are looking for smokers.

It is influenced by two parameters :

In general, smokers are desperate for a Hit of quality, and it is important to take into account when choosing an e-liquid.

Milliampere-hour (mAh)

The milliamp-hour, usually written as "mAh" is the unit designating the amount of energy that a battery can restore.

The self is the direct consequence. The higher the value in "mAh" of a battery is, the greater will be its autonomy.

Vapoteur / vapoteuse

Said of a person using an electronic cigarette. In effect, the rejecting of the steam, the term "electronic cigarette smoker" is in itself a non-sense.

The term "vapoteur" it is, therefore, preferred.


Anglicism meaning "tank". The term is thus used for various type of accessories and materials in the field of the e-cig.

The goal is always to designate a tank in which the first function is to retain the e-liquid.

The terms related to the material

"Battery" (or accumulator)

The term "battery pack" means an external battery exclusive to the use of MODs. The battery can be of different sizes and diameters. These two notions are generally correlated with the autonomy and performance will be indicative of the battery pack. A rechargeable 26650 will have for example more autonomy than a 18650.

Atomizer rebuildable

An atomizer rebuildable involves a manual installation of the user. This assembly brings together typically the resistive wire (and/or non-resistive) for the creation of the resistance, and a consumable internal to this resistance to the flow of e-liquid (cotton, silica, etc.). The mounting, once altered, will have to be redone to maintain its performance, and optimal flavor.

We can distinguish between two types of atomizer :

  • Atomizers RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer), which feature a tank, and a mounting plate either above or below it ;
  • Atomizers RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer), which do not have a tank. The user will have to occasionally soak the consumable internal, in order to continue vaping.

Atomizers reconstructible usually offer better performance than the clearomiseurs or cartomizers classics, but will appeal to your manual and your patience.

Atomizer Genesis

It is a particular type of atomizers reconstructible whose particularity is to dispense with the traditional fiber of silica to use a wick made of stainless steel.

The interest is double :

  • the alteration of flavors is nearly zero ;
  • the wicking upper.

The main disadvantage of this type of atomizers is the difficulty of assembly because the short circuit can be legion.

Bottom Cap

The low part of a MOD. Usually twist-off, and insert the battery pack, you can also find a switch (MODs-mechanical).

BF (Bottom Feeding)

The "Bottom Feeding" is intended to compensate the main drawback of vaping DRY : the need to continually moisten the braid.

The MODs "BF" are usually equipped with a system which allows, by pressure on a tank, send out a few drops of e‑liquid directly on to the braid, facilitating the process.


A box MOD is a MOD electronic or mechanical, adopting the form of a box (hence its name). A different format of a MOD to traditional (cylindrical), it may embed one or more batteries. The autonomy will therefore be maximized (some box MODs can take up to 3 batteries !). In addition, a box MOD electronic will, generally, a chipset is more important, for increased performance. It also allows a very good grip.

Charger PCC

The charger, PCC, or Power Bank is an external battery of very large capacity, very useful for recharging your battery in conditions of nomads.


Electronic Cigarette that takes the form of a pipe.


A clearomizer that has a tank exclusively in glass (or pyrex).


Originally, the term MOD is a short form of "modification". Some enthusiasts have started to develop electronic cigarettes by changing everyday objects (such as an electric screwdriver, for example).

These days, the MODs refer to electronic cigarettes, of large size, the battery is replaceable, which can accept batteries of large capacity. They are reserved for vapor the most demanding both in terms of functionality than the aesthetics.


Technology which enables the vaper on a battery pack or a MOD for his load.


Drip Tips very long favoured by the users of E-Pipes.


Part of the electronic cigarette, allowing its actuation, manually or automatically (during inspiration).

Top Cap

Upper part of a MOD, which usually includes the connector 510.

The terms associated with the mounting

Bottom coil

Opposed to the Top Coil, an atomizer Bottom Coil will propose a mounting plate under the tank, to a steam warmer. Its main advantage is its ease of assembly.


Literally translated as "coil", this term refers to the resistance present within your atomizers or heads atomizer. Its shape is cylindrical and the thread is wound, hence its name.

Dual coil / Triple coil / Quad coil / etc...

Refers to a montage combining two, three, four resistors, or more. These fixtures provide a much larger volume of steam. They are most commonly found on a spray-type Dripper (RDA).

A resistive wire

The resistive wire is the element that make up your resistance. It is this wire that will heat when crossed by an electric current and will spray the e-liquid. Overall, the more the diameter of the wire is important, the more your resistance will be low. We find the different materials, the most common being the kanthal, but also stainless steel, for example. Some materials are dedicated to the control of temperature (Ni200, NiFe30, Titanium, etc.). Finally, it is also possible to work with several types of yarn together, to maximize performance, for example, the demon killer.


Cloth of stainless steel (Inox 316 L), the fibres are very tight, which is directed primarily to the followers of the mounting Genesis.

Top coil

An atomizer Top Coil" will offer a mounting plate to the top of the tank (reservoir). It will provide a steam warmer, and will require a consumable of a large capillary action to carry the liquid up to the resistance. Its main advantage is the rendering exceptional flavors.


The terms related to the technical


The chipset is the integrated circuit at the heart of your electronic cigarette. Depending on its design, it will manage several data necessary for the proper functioning of your e-cigarette. Within an electronic cigarette, it involves mainly the management of the voltage and power, and the security necessary in the event of a malfunction.

Pulsed current

One speaks of the pulsed current when the chipset is a MOD electronic comes with a chopper (or dc - dc converter). Its role is to change the value of the voltage of a dc voltage source with a high efficiency. The cutting is performed at a high frequency, expressed in Hertz.

Current smoothed

A contrario, of the pulsed current, one speaks of the current smoothed when the output signal of a MOD is perfectly flat, and avoids the "hatch" mentioned above. The minutes of vape will be softer and more round.


Abbreviation of the English term "short circuit", literally meaning a short-circuit. A short-circuit may occur in case of error mounting on an atomizer rebuildable, or in the case of head resistance to be defective. On a MOD or battery that is electronic, it will engage just a safety and will prevent the functioning of your atomizer. On a MOD (mechanical) in contrast, in the absence of protection of this type, it must at all costs avoid this phenomenon, which may damage your battery and can go up to the degassing of the latter.


The sub-ohm, as its name indicates, is a term that refers to the low resistances below 1 Ohm (symbol Ω). In general, the use of these resistance values is going with a flow of air important, large arrivals of e-liquid and a high power, for production of steam important.

Temp Control

Abbreviation after the English "Temperature Control", it is, you will have understood, the control of temperature. This technology allows to define directly a temperature of the heating of the resistance (in °C) instead of adjusting the power or the output voltage. This technology enables you to get a more regular due to the temperature always stable, but requires good technical knowledge and the use of a resistive wire particular (Nickel Ni200, NiFe30, Titanium...)

Variable voltage

Some batteries have a potentiommètre to manage the output voltage. This is called variable voltage.

VV (Variable Voltage)

The term VV is the ability to adjust the output voltage of an electronic cigarette in order to adjust the power, and therefore the overall volume of steam.

The adjustment usually requires to know the resistance of the atomizer, in order to adjust the tension, according to the "law of ohm" : P=V2/R.

VW (Variable Wattage)

The models of cigarette the latest electronic usually offer, in addition to the VV, a configuration mode of the type VW. The goal is exactly the same as for the VV : adjust the power of vaping and the vapor volume, but the process is more simple.

It is usually sufficient to set up his equipment on the desired power output, and regardless of the type of atomizer connected, or its resistance, the power thus obtained will always be the same.

The terms related to the vape

Auto flow

An electronic cigarette called "Auto Flow" will detect the inspiration of the user, and automatically activate the switch, eliminating the manual trigger. There is also talk of"Air Switch". These models are less common and tend to disappear.


This term refers to all forms of electronic cigarettes that is closer to the format of a traditional cigarette, small and cylindrical. The KR-808, Kanger, is a good example.

Cloud chasing / Power vaping

Literally translated as "Hunter cloud" or "Vape powerful" Cloud Chasing (or Power Vaping) is a practice that is to exhale the biggest vapor volume possible. There is also competition Cloud Chasing, reserved to the vapor of the more aware.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

Translated in French by "Do it yourself". Refers to the production house e-liquids, is carried by a mixture of different aromas around a base of PG / VG nicotinée, or not.

Dry hit

When the e-liquid is not well transported to the resistance and its consumable (not quite cotton, not enough or too much crammed), one may encounter a strong taste of burnt. This is what is called a "Dry Hit".

Dry burn

The "Dry-Burn" is a manipulation designed to remove any residue of resistance, to extend its use. It aims to eliminate any clogging that can affect the taste of e-liquid. Before a Dry-Burn, it is preferable that the resistance be blank and devoid of a consumable (except in the case of the fiber of silica). The Dry-burn is to heat the resistance vacuum.

Lung Inhales

The "Lung Inhale", or direct inhalation, is an aspiration technique, which is to get the steam directly into the lungs. The amount of vapour inhaled is greater, for a volume of vapor more consistent. This technique is used by Cloud Chasers.


Creator and manufacturer of MODs, generally at small scale.


A "reviewer" is a person who publishes videos of reviews and hardware tests on various social networks, or hosting platforms. We can quote Phil Busardo, Nukevapes, LeKdeKarl, or the Vapologue, for example.


A "review" is a review of a material by a reviewer. It explains its usage and is usually accompanied with various tutorials and tips (for the assembly of an atomizer, for example). You will find on most of our products fact sheets a video and use tutorials to edit.


Says it is a custom set and functional grouping a MOD or a battery, an atomizer and a drip-tip.


A Vapofumeur is a person who use of electronic cigarettes while continuing to smoke tobacco, most of the time the vapofumeur has greatly reduced the use of cigarette tobacco.

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