On may 20, 2016, the TPD (eu directive on tobacco products) has been transposed into French law and published in the official journal.

This European directive was for the purpose of fighting smoking.

To apply this directive in France, it is necessary to first transpose it into French law. It speaks of " order, transposed ".

The first chapter focuses on the information, chapter 2 tobacco products, and section 3 the products of the vaping.

What is the Pdt Ready or PDT Freindly ?

A product PDT ready or PDT freindly is, quite simply, a product that already meets the standards of the Directive.

What changes to the vapor ?

General provisions relating to the sale, advertising and other :

1) The propaganda or advertising, direct or indirect, in favour of products of vaping is prohibited

It is a passage broad, because we don't know exactly what it is considered as advertising, but what is almost certain :

- Advertising in general :

Prohibition of the pub classic on tv, radio, media.

- Blogs, forums, groups or pages on social networks, Facebook, reviwer,... :

It will be possible with a site " private ". That is to say that it will be necessary to subscribe to the site to have access to information. And that is what is happening : the majority of blogs are important treating of the vape have become private or have migrated outside the european union. Access is always possible, but you must register before you. Pages Facebook of the biggest resellers are no longer active. But in the end the documentation on the cigarette electronic, the tests in lines, information and the latest news on new products expected to drastically decrease.

- Online sales :

This changes little on sale online. Always the possibility to buy and sell on the Internet but it will be necessary to ensure that the person in command is major. This is done for example by putting an insert in the entrance of the site asking you if you are major. This is what one sees appearing a bit everywhere.

- Physical stores :

Always the possibility of selling them in specialty shops but prohibition products.

- Promotion :

Prohibition of referrals for new customers, coupons, games, contests, offers " two for the price of one ", systems fidélisations, promo codes or other.

2) Prohibition of sale to minors.

Regardless of the mode of sale, it will be necessary to establish the proof of age of the purchaser.

3) Ban vaping in schools, places of transport and places of work closed and covered for collective use.

Regarding the equipment, liquid and cigarette :

There are big restrictions regarding the material containing the nicotine. The changes on the material not concern, therefore, that the e liquid and cigarettes disposable or cartridge pre-filled type " logic pro ". No change on the clearomiseurs classical and batteries or boxs.

1) The vials of liquid containing nicotine will be limited to a volume of 10 ml

It is only the liquids which contain nicotine, not change for the without nicotine. This normally applies to DIY. The right to sell base liquid with nicotine of more than 10 ml. We will always provide the basics, without nicotine in large volumes. The liquids 20 or 30 ml will therefore be banned for sale from 1st January 2017.

2) The content of max in nicotine from a bottle will be of 20 mg/ml

This is already the case in the majority of shops, the French manufacturers do not offer a large part of the liquids in the 0, 3,6, 12, 16, or 18 mg/ml.

3) The tanks or cartridges pre-filled with liquid nicotine will be limited to 2 ml

Don't panic, it is THAT of nicotine containing products. So we speak of disposables or cartridges interchangeable with already liquid in it, type in Logic pro. The clearomiseurs conventional non-fluid-filled are not limited to 2 ml. Basically it does not change large-thing, because these products are in any way not interesting.

4) sale of a battery with a diffusion constant of nicotine

Very few materials meet this obligation currently, however, we find the Ego AIO, the AIO D22 and the Ego AIO Box at Joyetech (tank capacity 2ml battery and to deliver consistent, that is to say, one does not adjust the intensity of heating of the product)

5) sale of new liquid :

6 months prior to the sale of a new liquid containing nicotine, the manufacturer shall complete a highly complex issue and pay a tax limited to eur 7 600 per product. This also applies to all the existing liquid. Manufacturers will therefore have a lot of constraints to the sale of a product. This will slow down the new and many products will disappear.

There will also be many studies to provide on the quality of the e liquid, the ingredients used, health testing, and we need to keep up to date statistics and other distributors will be required to provide to the state.

6) Packing of liquids :

Here, too, many of the new standards on the packaging of e liquids. Each vial should have instructions for use, which is already the case for the e-liquid classic range Phode Sence, the Fray, and Vincent in The Vapes. The new liquid will be with a manual, like a drug.


General balance sheet :

1) On the sale and uses :

- Blogs, news sites, account facebook or another are destined to become "private" or disappear.

- Little change on the online sales, it is still permitted.

- For the physical stores, you will have to modify the fronts and hide a little bit the products.

- Advertising is no longer allowed

- Prohibition of sale to minors

- Ban on vaping in public places

2) The bottles of liquids :

- Content of max nicotine liquid : 20 mg/ml

- Max size of the liquid nicotine containing : 10 ml

- Obligation to make an application for the placing on the market 6 months before

- Tax limited to eur 7 600 for sale

- Packaging is more restrictive.

3) The equipment disposable or cartridge pre filled (type Logic Pro)

- Volume of the liquid max for each cartridge : 2 ml

- No batteries to variable voltage.

4) The equipment in general :

- No change on the hardware in general. The clearomiseurs will not be limited to 2 ml

5) The DIY

- No change on the bases without nicotine

- No change on the flavors

- For databases with nicotine, bottles limited to 10 ml... we will find solutions.

There are therefore enormous demands technical and financial for the manufacturers of e liquid.

A manufacturer must update its existing products in compliance, in completing a complex case and paying a new tax. It will be necessary to make analysis on the purity of the ingredients, which will represent a certain cost to his charge. For each new creation, it will be necessary to make a new folder, pay a new fee and wait 6 months for the sale. With big constraints on the packaging, the obligation to put a leaflet and bottles reduced to 10 ml.

We believe that many manufacturers will not be able to take these costs and additional constraints. The majority of "small" manufacturers should disappear and there will remain as the main actors in the middle. Even among them the number of references should be reduced.

Therefore, there will be less of liquids on the market and less new features. Only the big manufacturers able to survive and the price of the liquid should slightly increase as these new costs will necessarily be impacted somewhere. These liquids, however, will necessarily have better qualities and this will certainly sustain the market.

Regarding the main actors of today as Phodé Creative Lab or Vincent In The Vapes, or the Fray, their fluids are already in the standards.

For the material, in the end we see very little change, given that the directive only relates to the product containers of the nicotine.

For the DIY it is only the capacity of 10 ml which poses a problem.

This PDT is, therefore, very restrictive, but it sounds not the death of the cigarette electronic.

There will be fewer products on the market, fewer players but the market may be safer and at least we know now where we are going.

In this directive for the fight against tobacco use, the most affected is the smoker who want to simply stop smoking but who do not yet know the cigarette electronic. The electronic cigarette is a product that is rather complex and all the blogs, forums, and reviwers are needed to help the smoker to make his choice. Current users will be minimally impacted by this directive, because they already know where to find their products. But the one who has not yet tried will be difficult to find...

As said by the AIDUCE, is confused with the poison and the antidote in this act health.

While waiting for the result, Good vape.